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Second edition of the CoffeeRH

Initially launched at the beginning of 2021 to improve our onboarding process, the first CoffeeRH was very well received by all of our employees in the group companies: Losange, Coringer and MCGP.

What is CoffeeRH? It is simply a convivial moment to bring together newcomers from the different companies of the group. It is not a formal event, the main aim is to get to know each other, especially during this period of teleworking, to gather first impressions about the company, the arrival within the group and above all to put a face to a name and encourage future exchanges.

To keep up the momentum, a second CoffeeRH was held on the 5th and 6th of July for the newcomers of the MCGP group.

By video conference and in complete freedom, the 27 employees were able to talk about their arrival in the company and the specificities of their jobs. Machining techniciens, assemblers, polishers, trainees, supply manager, etc. All of them were able to talk about their jobs, their missions and their career paths before joining the group.

Always rich in exchanges, the CoffeeRH ended with ideas to strengthen the link between the employees of the different companies, including a visit of the different production sites of the group.

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