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Promoting innovation in the crafts sector

Proposing an innovation that enables everyone to act together

Technology: the craftspeople share their opinion with us


Developing our craftsmanship essence and the quality of work life in our manufactures

Qualité de Vie au Travail

Technology: the craftspeople share their opinion with us

We consider technology to be a valuable support in the creation and development of increasingly sophisticated jewellery

Sertisseur - sertissage d'un bijou
Machinage d'usinage de pièces

Our craftspeople are in the best position to explain the close relationship between technology and the human hand in our crafts. So we wanted to give them a voice.

In these podcasts, you will hear jewellers and setters from our Parisian workshop talk about the integration of new techniques into their traditional craft.
They talk about the developments of the last few decades, how they have dealt with these transformations and and the new possibilities that are offered to them.

From Computer Aided Design (CAD) to lasers and binoculars, they tell you all about it.

New tools (in French)
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CAD (in French)
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70 %

of the added value of the product is made by human hands

140 000

products are created in our manufactures and our workshop each year


men and women

work within the group

Developing our craftsmanship essence and the quality of work life in our manufactures

We believe that to work better we must first live better together

To meet growing demand, we are modernising the manufacturing conditions for products that remain exceptional. It is important for us to maintain our craftsmanship essence, to create meaning for each of them and to give them autonomy.

We also wish to contribute to their well-being in human-sized manufactures that encourage mutual support, social ties and allow each person's contribution to be valued.


During the construction of our manufacture in Besançon, we attached great importance to the choice of materials, furniture and the configuration of the building. The objectives set for the construction of our new manufacture in Toulon-sur-Allier are even more ambitious.

Creating an environment that favours collaboration

Protecting the health of craftspeople: personal protective equipment, extraction of potentially dangerous gases, etc.

Ergonomics of the workstations: they are fully adjustable, in order to adapt to the specificities and preferences of each craftsperson

Acoustic comfort: soundproofing of noisy activities thanks to walls

Optimising the inflow of natural light: large

glass areas

Manufacture moderne de Besançon
Polissage d'un bijou

Making a wider contribution to the quality of work life of employees and craftspeople

A sports room in the Besançon manufacture is accessible to all employees at the end of the day.

Assistance of a sports coach.

The manufacture in Toulon-sur-Allier will also be provided with a sports room.

Distribution of fruits and vegetables from the vegetable garden in Besançon

Organisation of workshops to

prevent and limit back pain

Potager de Besançon
Salle de sport de la manufacture de Besançon
Testimony of the gardener (in French)
00:00 / 01:36

You will hear in this podcast the testimony of the gardener of the manufacture of Besançon.

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