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Jewellery designer

"For me, it's a fascinating job that allows me to bring an idea to life. It's a job with multiple facets, all of which contribute to creation. You have to be creative, open to new things but also rigorous and precise in order to design projects that are both aesthetically pleasing and feasible. My daily job is a work of tradition and perpetual innovation and it is from this balance that beautiful products are born and live."

Designer Joaillier
Homme travaillant sur un ordinateur

CAD (Computer Aided Design) developer

The CAD developer designs the jewel in 3D with the help of designers, jewellers and setters. The digital printing of the jewel will make it possible to apprehend its volume and all its aesthetic details. The final design will be used for lost wax casting or 7-axis machining. In some cases, it will be a guide for the jeweller who will make some components of the jewel by hand.


The jeweller's job is to make a piece of jewellery: this can vary from fairly simple, mass-produced pieces to much more elaborate unique pieces that require a lot of work and thinking.

Montage d'un bijou
Sertissage d'un bijou


The setter is the one who sublimates the gemstones. He places and fixes them one by one on the jewel.

"Setting consists in inserting gemstones on a jewel or a watch in the best possible way in order to combine a perfect aesthetic finish and the guarantee of a long life for the jewel."


The polisher must bring out the brilliance of the jewel, smoothing each of its parts, in order to make the imperfections disappear.

"Polishing is about making the jewel shine, while being careful not to distort it. What I find really satisfying about polishing is that it brings the final aesthetic to the piece. We transform raw pieces into exceptional ones."

Polissage d'un bijou
Machine d'usinage de pièces

Machining technician

The machining technician works on 3- to 7-axis machining centres. They set up and produce numerically controlled components. Machining facilitates series production of jewellery.

Project manager

The project manager is responsible for monitoring the jewel's production, from its design in CAD to its delivery to the customer, which involves being in constant contact with designers, craftspeople, the sales department and the customer. Production monitoring requires regular communication with the workshop in order to plan, anticipate and regulate the company's capacities and the workload in the workshop.

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