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Our Values

MCGP Group has been founded on pioneering values that are dear to the heart of its founder, Marie-Christine, and all employees. 

The MCGP Group selects and works only with partners aligned with its values: cooperation, boldness and trust.

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We promote team cohesion by encouraging constructive and stimulating exchanges

We define the roles, responsibilities and objectives of each to promote collective work

We share best practices, know-how and information for a win-win result

We help each other, respect the work of others and value everyone's contribution

We listen and take into consideration the opinion of others to make the right decisions



We step out of our comfort zone

We suggest improvements

We are imaginative, agile and flexible

We always try to turn difficulties and obstacles into opportunities

We encourage creation and innovation



We value everyone's commitment and celebrate successes

We make every effort to empower, empower and delegate,

We say what we do and we do what we say

We assume that everyone will do well

We create an environment where everyone can succeed


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