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Coringer is a fine jewellery workshop, located in Paris, which creates unique pieces and small series.

1,000 jewels are made in our workshop each year.

39 craftspeople work in the workshop.

Bijoux et outils sur l'établi
Atelier de haute joaillerie Coringer

Coringer's savoir-faire

Ability to model in 3D (CAD) complex and sometimes

very figurative shapes

3D reconstruction of wax or models made by designers

Construction of the jewel around the stones thanks to

3D scanning of the stones

Resin or silver mock-ups

Production of the various components of the jewel by machining,

lost wax casting, stamping thanks to the synergy

between Losange and Coringer

Traditional mounting



Threading / lacquering /

stones gluing

Rhodium plating


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