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Losange owns two manufactures, located in Besançon and Toulon-sur-Allier.

They produce jewellery pieces in medium and large series.
120,000 jewels are produced in our manufactures each year.

La manufacture de Besançon

La manufacture de Toulon-sur-Allier

The Besançon manufacture was built in 2019: it is a 7,500 m2 building located in the centre of the TEMIS technology hub.

Our manufacture in Toulon-sur-Allier is being rebuilt and will extend over 4,000 m2.

Currently, 349 people work at Losange.

Losange's savoir-faire

3D modelling of the jewel (CAD) based on

a specification or simply a drawing

Synergy with Coringer to ensure consistency of style in the case of collections

ranging from small to large series or aesthetic research

Resin mock-ups / Prototype in lost wax casting or

according to the chosen manufacturing technique

CPX printing / Traditional molds

Lost wax casting

7-axis machining / Bar turning

Traditional or precision mounting



Lacquering / Stones gluing / Rhodium plating


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