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Discover the daily life of a Project Manager in the jewellery industry

Discover the testimony of Sophie, Project Manager in our Coringer high jewellery workshop:

"I studied business in the United States for 5 years, and more specifically entrepreneurship, which taught me a lot about project and team management. After various experiences, I came back to France and took the position of Project Manager at Coringer. I was looking for a project management position in the luxury industry, so this was a great opportunity for me.

I have several missions as Project Manager. First, I manage the follow-up of the jewel, from its design in CAD to its delivery to the customer, which implies being in constant contact with the designers, the craftsmen, the sales department and of course the customer. Then, I sometimes manage the production follow-up, which requires me to communicate regularly with the workshop. Managing these two tasks enables me to plan the production, to anticipate and regulate our capacities and our workload in the workshop.

What I like in this industry are the technical and manual aspects, the fact that we preserve ancestral savoir-faire. I think it's a chance that we still have professions like that in France nowadays. We produce jewellery on which several craftsmen have laid their hands, it's almost a work of art. It's very impressive and stimulating.

To be a Project Manager, you have to be reactive, versatile, proactive and attentive to your team. We work with passionate craftsmen: I am interested in what they do and I learn a lot from them. It's a rewarding job.

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